Social and Climate Vulnerability Mapping
New York City 2022
The Waterfront Alliance is currently mapping how rising sea levels, future storm surges and extreme rainfall events may impact socially vulnerable populations in the tristate area.
In the spirit of the Justice40 initiative, the maps highlight underserved and historically underinvested communities that will be hardest hit by future flooding. These visually striking maps will become important tools for the Waterfront Alliance climate resilience advocacy and education efforts. They will also be accessible to government, civil society and private sector stakeholders for their climate resilience policy and program development and implementation.

The first iteration of maps uses open source data to visualize flooding predictions for New York City’s 5 boroughs. Further iterations will cover areas in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut that border the Hudson Estuary, Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.

Produced by
Waterfront Alliance in collaboration with
Christina Bierring, Independent Consultant,
Xenia Adjoubei and Augusta Fiseryte, AdjoubeiScottWhitby Studio

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This mapping work is in progress and we would greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have.
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